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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) issues alert to clarify how door to door collection bags should be labelled

28th October 2020

When a person donates in a door to door collection of goods it should be in the knowledge that a proportion of that collection goes to a charity but not all of it. The commercial participator should take responsibility for this information being clear.

All collection bags should have the company name and charity name on both sides of the bag with equal prominence given to both names and logos.

This news alert is linked to the ASA’s 2017 guidance which was issued following a company breaking the CAP codes. This charity was using collection bags to mislead consumers into believing they were donating directly to the charity.

This guidance does not apply however where charity shops collect goods on behalf of the charity to be sold in the shop. The Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulator expect charities to monitor compliance by a third party fundraiser or commercial partner. This includes checking that the collection bags adhere to the ASA’s guidelines.

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